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As part of our continuing efforts to inform and interact with the citizens of Tennessee, we offer several newsletters covering a wide range of information. Please sign up for any (or all) you feel may be of interest to you.
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  • Message from the Treasurer
    The Treasurer's Newsletter will cover Treasury Department initiatives and events of interest to the public. It will also address legislative changes and/or updates that affect Treasury Department programs and services.
    Published as needed
  • Financial Literacy Commission Newsletter
    Updates on Financial Literacy Commission events, involvements, opportunities, awards and/or fundraising efforts.
    Published as needed
  • College Savings News
    This newsletter will provide the latest information about the State of Tennessee tax-advantaged college savings programs. These include the Baccalaureate Education System Trust (BEST) program and the Path2College Section 529 Plan. It will also discuss the importance of saving early for college and provide tools to help students better prepare for their higher education experience.
    Published as needed
  • TCRS Report
    Provides information to TCRS active members about plan performance, plan features, contact information and other useful retirement information.
    Published semi-annually
  • Retiree Advisor
    Provides information to TCRS retired members regarding things that affect them (cost of living adjustments, tax information, payment dates, insurance, etc).
    Published semi-annually
  • TCRS Active Newsletter
    Informative newsletter for active TCRS members.
    Published annually
  • tnstars
    TNStars 529 College Savings Newsletter

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